Privacy Policy Benchmark 2023

The data submitted into the survey tool for the Dutch D&I in Digital benchmark 2023 can only be accessed by our partner, the ISO 27001 and ISO 20252 certified research department of Blue Field Agency. Only they have access to read the raw data from your submission, and under NDA not to use this information except for the purposes of producing the Dutch D&I in digital benchmark reports.

The role of Blue Field Agency includes cleaning the data, anonymizing submissions, and aggregating the data so that submissions cannot be traced back to a single organization based on certain characteristics.

Once the dataset has been fully anonymised and aggregated to prevent identification of individual organizations, we may invite other individuals to help with data analysis of the anonymised dataset. These individuals do not see the raw dataset at any point. All individuals who are given access to the data are required to sign an NDA.

The data used in the report is anonymised and aggregated so no part of your submission is identifiable. The only exception to this is if we have your express permission to identify your organization for a specific reason, such as for a case study. In these circumstances we will follow up with your organization directly after our data collection phase completes, to discuss the specific case with you and seek your permission.

We collect two mandatory pieces of personal data during our data collection process: the name of the individual(s) submitting the data on behalf of their organization, and their work email address. Providing ‘position’ and ‘phone number’ is optional. We only use this information in very limited specified ways: to provide access to the survey- and reporting platform, send an automated email to you to confirm your submission details, to contact you in case of questions about the D&I benchmark and to update our records that your company has fulfilled submission requirements.

We have a standard NDA available to sign with participating companies if desired. If your organization would like an NDA in place, please contact us on and we can send you our standard NDA to countersign and keep on file.

Confidentiality of the data

The data you provide via the benchmarking platform will be treated in accordance with the 'Code of Conduct: Confidentiality Dutch Diversity & Inclusion in digital benchmark'.

Ownership of the data

The raw data in the Dutch Diversity & Inclusion in digital benchmark are and remain the property of the participating organisations.

The calculated and aggregated data and reports are property of Diversity Hero.

Use and distribution

​Blue Field Agency will never go public with benchmark data that can be traced back to individual organisations. Blue Field Agency will only  publicate aggregated data in which the individual organisations cannot be distinguished.

User access

The users of the participating organisations have login details with which they can view the data of their own organisation and the anonymised aggregated data of other participants for analysis.

Website Security Blue Field Agency

The research department of Blue Field Agency and its hosting party are ISO 27001 and ISO 20252 certified. These ISO standard specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, executing, monitoring, assessing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS) in order to guarantee an adequate level of information security.