Accelerating greater inclusion and diversity in the tech industry.

We accelerate diversity by analysing and benchmarking your data. For the second consecutive year, we invited Dutch digital and tech companies to join us in the Dutch D&I in Digital Benchmark 2023.
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The goal of Diversity Hero is to create a European working economy in the tech industry where everyone belongs and talents are being valued.

Why do we need to act now?

Currently there is a lack of information and data about diversity and inclusion within the European tech industry. With our benchmarks we aim to gather, analyze and provide solutions to accelerate greater diversity and inclusion.

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190 mln

Tech jobs increase from 41 million in 2020 to 190 million in 2025.

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1 mln

Lack of digital specialists in Europe.

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Only 17% of the ICT specialists in Europe are women.

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For every 1.000 women, only 6 women end up working in ICT-related fields.

THE potential
Diversity & inclusion leads to growth.
Increased GDP

By 2050, improving gender equality would lead to an increase in EU (GDP) per capita by 6.1 to 9.6%, which amounts to €1.95 to €3.15 trillion.

A female CEO

Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 25% more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile.

Diverse team in action

Research shows that more diverse teams lead to better decision-making and more innovative products and services, which are good for company performance, business and economic progress.

our solution
Accelerate diversity & inclusion through data.

We believe we can start to reveal our cultural biases and stereotypes by doing something never done before: conducting comprehensive in-company research of the work floor in the tech industry.

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D&I ecosystem

We build the ecosystem around a coalition of leading European tech companies, universities and governments.

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Dutch benchmark

We accelerate diversity through analysing and benchmarking their standardized D&I data.

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D&I learning
D&I learning

We measure impact of tailored interventions, share these insights and tackle issues together at scale.

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EU benchmark

We scale up our benchmarking to Europe, so we can widen our impact on diversity and inclusion on EU level.

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Gillian Tans
founder Diversity Hero, ex chairwoman and CEO

I never realized that being a woman and building a career was different, only when I started leading many people did I realize how much effort it takes to build a more inclusive culture.

When I became the COO at somebody came up to me and said it is so nice that we have you at the top but we do not see any role models in between. This is when I started realizing this needs a lot of work, needs ownership at the top and change in  every level of the business. It was important to me to be that role model; to demonstrate that it is possible to do something you never thought would be in reach and to take steps into the unknown.

Let’s start combining commitment with what tech companies do best: follow the data. We believe we can uncover the blindspots together, step by step. But we have to dig deeper, learn from each other, find patterns and be courageous. It’s time to make changes that actually work. To step up our game and enter the next level. Let’s get our bits together and become diversity heroes.

Gillian Tans | founder Diversity Hero
Our partners
Accelerate diversity & inclusion together.
Lotte de Bruijn | directeur NLdigital
Lotte de Bruijn
directeur NLdigital

“As a sector, we want to be a true representation and reflection of society. That is not only fair, logical and necessary, but it also ensures the creation and use of better products and services."

Terence Guiamo | Global Director D&I
Terence Guiamo
Global Director D&I |

"Benchmarking Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging data is a must, to better understand where we stand as an organisation and to build towards where we need to go. It helps us identify the areas that need improvement and to see what we are already doing. Together we can make a difference and empower each other to engage in continuous improvement."

Bas van der Veldt | CEO AFAS Software
Bas van der Veldt
CEO AFAS Software

"Only if we know where we REALLY stand we’re able to set realistic and dedicated D&I objectives and goals. This ensures that we don’t just talk about the importance of D&I, but that we actually put effort in achieve (measurable) results.  Because our company and the Dutch digital industry as a whole need to be more diverse and inclusive."

Bas van der Veldt | CEO AFAS Software
Jason Bricker
Head of Inclusion at

"Learning from data has always been intrinsic to how operates, and this shared commitment to transparency and benchmarking is pivotal to understanding how we as an organisation and the broader industry can improve and evolve. Empowered with this knowledge, we will be able to further develop specific targeted initiatives that enable us to have a direct impact on improving access for all who want to work with us and make a collective improvement to the global workforce."

Founding partners
benchmark 2023
Diversity & Inclusion benchmark
in short

We are very proud of all companies that participated in the first Dutch D&I in digital benchmark! This benchmark report provides insights into the status of diversity and inclusion within the Dutch digital industry. Which will help us to understand how we can improve. It became clear that collecting D&I data is not easy. Many companies still don’t (know how to) gather D&I data or are not ready to share their D&I data. Therefore, it is important to provide expertise and support to make it easier to collect D&I data. And by collaborating, we can share best practices.

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The benchmark is provided by Blue Field Agency.

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Yeni Joseph | Public Policy Manager
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