Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a challenge as big as finding new talent.

While tech companies face a unique challenge with talent, D&I is a challenge for every industry.

Even if companies are successfully able to build a diverse team and culture, they are not gathering the necessary data.

That, according to Yeni Joseph, lead of the Taskforce Diversity & Inclusion by NLdigital, was the biggest learning from Dutch D&I in Digital benchmark report 2022.

As a collaborative effort between key stakeholders in the Dutch tech ecosystem including Techleap.nl, Diversity Hero, Booking.com, and the Taskforce D&I by NLdigital, the Dutch D&I in Digital benchmark will represent the majority of companies in the Dutch digital industry.

While the central goal is to create a platform for Dutch digital companies to voluntarily share their diversity findings and data, the benchmark report published often helps with policy frameworks as well.

The Dutch D&I in Digital benchmark report 2022 was the first such report to be published by the Taskforce D&I and it showed the digital companies in the Netherlands primarily tracked gender, age, and ethnicity as a metric for understanding diversity. It was also the only such study to include actual in-company data and not available industry data, to offer a true picture of the industry.

“The first edition was much focused on gender diversity, making the threshold for companies to join relatively low,” says Joseph.

With the second edition, the taskforce is focussing on gathering more data on D&I strategy.

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